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  • Conical Cup Mold

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    Perfect for molding
    soft fresh cheeses.

    For cheese weighing
    approximately 300g

    Approximate dimensions:
    Top 69mm
    Bottom 63mm
    Height 120mm

  • Dairy Thermometer

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    The cheese makers’ best friend, this thermometer clips to the side of the pan holding the long probe and easy-to read dial face in the perfect position for you to monitor the all-important milk temperature during cheese making.

    Probe 230mm long
    Dial face 45mm wide.

  • Citric Acid

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    Citric Acid is used to acidify the milk and causes the separation of the curds (solids) from the liquid whey.

    100g re-sealable pouch

  • Fine Flaky Sea Salt

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    Fine Flaky Sea Salt
    which will help to draw moisture from the curds, add flavour and preserve the cheese.

    100g pouch