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  • Feta & Halloumi Mediterranean cheese making kit

    Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit

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    Our Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit makes Feta, Halloumi and Goat’s Cheese. This kit combines top quality ingredients, specialist equipment (including a cup mold and dairy thermometer), and a comprehensive Cheese Making Guide. This kit makes 20 batches of cheese and can be used with standard whole milk which is available in all of the major supermarkets. Include your own fresh and dried herbs, nuts, fruits and spices as you go to create your perfect cheeses. The ideal¬†gift for foodies, cheese-lovers and budding cheese makers!

  • Cheese Making Guide
  • Cheese mold
  • Cheese¬†cloth
  • Citric acid
  • Fine flaky sea salt
  • 2 x pouches
  • Dairy thermometer
  • Vegetarian rennet