Make your own Mozzarella; just how easy can it be!

On the scale of customer’s ‘frequently asked questions’, “..but how exactly do you make cheese?” remains firmly at the top! Cheese (or should I say milk) is quite amazing. You can turn it from liquid to solid (aka curd) very quickly and, depending upon the recipe you are following, produce some very tasty fresh cheeses ready to eat within the hour. Mozzarella is just one example and you can see, in our short video clip, just how milk is turned into very fresh Mozzarella:

Our Italian Trio cheese making kit contains everything you need to make your own Mozzarella, as well as Mascarpone and Ricotta. All you need to supply is basic kitchen equipment and standard whole cow’s milk. You could also use ‘gold top’ (aka un-homogenized) cow’s milk which makes a higher yielding and even creamier cheese. Compared to mass-produced Mozzarella, (i.e. the type you buy in the supermarket), home-made mozzarella is much creamier and softer with very subtle milky flavours. It’s also high in water content and low in fat which is always good to know!

Perfect for a simple fresh salad, and for home-made pizza topping! Yum :)